Lithuania in the ‘Cosmographia’ by Sebastian Münster. 1544–1628 Exhibition catalogue


By Algimantas Muzikevičius

Publisher: Trakai History Museum4

Circulation: 300 copies

Format: hardcover / 181 pages / illustrated

Language: Lithuanian

ISBN: 978-609-95398-1-2.

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The exhibition catalogue “Lithuania in ‘Cosmographia’ by Sebastian Münster” is the first publication in Trakai History Museum’s series ‘SPECTACULO ET COLLECTIO’.The catalogue consists of three parts. The first part introduces the book ‘Cosmographia’, its author, artists, publishers, editions, structure and other features. The second is dedicated to the history of Lithuania, and contains images and descriptions of Lithuanian towns, regions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, rivers, languages spoken, information about the lifestyles of the Lithuanians, Samogitians and their neighbours, their ancient religions, crafts, food and wildlife. The third part presents Lithuanian cartography, with large-scale maps from various editions of the ‘Cartographia’ accompanying the text of the book.

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