Lithuanian Church regalia. Signs and people: C19th–C20th


By Vilius Kavaliauskas

Publisher: Trakai History Museum Publication year: 2012

Circulation: 1,500 copies

Format: hardcover / 297 pages / illustrated Dimensions: 286 x 215 mm

Language: Lithuanian

ISBN: 978-609-95398-0-5

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No history of Lithuania would be complete without mentioning the exceptional clergymen who took care of the nation’s people: the priests who smuggled books during the tsarist regime’s ban on Lithuanian books in Latin script, and the priests of the generation of volunteers, who guarded Lithuania’s native language, nurtured the nation’s literature and inspired Lithuanians to work for the benefit of their homeland. Many of these men were recognised by the Church and appointed prelates or canons, and were members of the diocesan cathedrals. This book recounts the contribution made by these outstanding people to the history of the nation.

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