The Treasure of Seirijai


Compiled by: Virgilijus Poviliūnas, Oleg Ševeliov

Leidėjas: Trakų istorijos muziejus, 2019

Circulation: 200 copies

ISBN: 978-609-8056-25-9

Leidinio duomenys: 287 x 215 mm, 126 psl., iliustracijos, kieti viršeliai

Language: Lithuanian

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Ten years ago, Trakai History Museum began to publish a series of catalogues entitled ‘The museum’s collections’, which have presented the collections of the museum accumulated over the 70 years of its work. This catalogue is the seventh publication in the series, and is dedicated to the silver treasure of Seirijai. Trakai History Museum holds a total of 46 troves of coins, and the Seirijai treasure is one of most interesting. The treasure was found in 1995 in Seirijai (Lazdijai district). Along with coins, it contains silver household and liturgical utensils, as well as gold jewellery.

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