Trakai in numismatics


Compiled by: Virgilijus Poviliūnas, Irena Senulienė, Oleg Ševeliov

Text by: Virgilijus Poviliūnas, Saulius Zalys

Publisher: Trakai History Museum

Circulation: 1,000 copies

Format: hardcover / 312 pages / illustrated Dimensions: 286 x 215 mm

Language: Lithuanian, Polish

ISBN: 978-609-8056-07-5

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‘Trakai in numismatics’ is the fifth publication from Trakai History Museum’s series ‘The museum’s collections’. The book presents more that 950 coins, banknotes, medals, awards, badges, seals and payment cards that have an inscription ‘Trakai’, a depiction of the views of Trakai or its emblem. The publication played the role of a catalogue for the exhibition that was held at Trakai Island Castle summer 2013.

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