Heroes of the land of Trakai


By Vilius Kavaliauskas

Publisher: Trakai History Museum Publication year: 2018

Circulation: 400 copies

Leidinio duomenys: 247 x 175 mm, 284 psl., iliustracijos, kieti viršeliai

Language: Lithuanian

ISBN: 978-609-8056-21-1

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The land of Trakai is the cradle of the Lithuanian nation. This area was the kernel of the Lithuanian state, together with surrounding lands clustered around it. Trakai has been central to sustaining the spiritual strength of the nation, helping to maintain its language and vitality. Among those who proclaimed the independent state of Lithuania in 1918 were many romantics for whom Trakai had become the symbol and the centre of the newly created national universe. This book contains a concise record of the bravest people who were born in this land, and who lost their lives here: 52 cavaliers of the Order of the Cross of Vytis, and 494 volunteers who defended the land in the wars of independence.

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