Trakai History Museum: 70 Years


Compiled by: Virgilijus Poviliūnas, Irena Senulienė, Oleg Ševeliov, Alvyga Zmejevskienė

Publisher: Trakai History Museum Publication year: 2018 2018

Circulation: 500 copies

Leidinio duomenys: 287 x 215 mm, 304 psl., iliustracijos, kieti viršeliai

Language: Lithuanian, with preface and introductory texts in English

ISBN: 978-609-8056-19-8

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This publication, issued on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Trakai History Museum, provides a brief overview of its history and activities. There are more than 350 most interesting exhibits, acquired by the museum from 2008 until 2018, presented in the publication. The exhibits included into book are divided into 13 groups: weapons, faleristics, pottery and glass, silver, liturgical art, paintings, sculptures, books, manuscripts, engravings and prints, photography, varia and gifts.

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