Vytautas the Great and His Epoch. Collection of Articles (II)


Compiled by Brigita Balčytienė

Publisher - Trakai History Museum, 2020

Circulation: 200 copies

Format: paperback / illustrations / 111 pages / 297 x 210 mm

Language: Lithuanian, English

ISBN: 978-609-8056-30-3

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For the past two dsecades, at the end of every October, the Trakai History Museum has been commemorating the death anniversary of Vytautas the Great – a man of a prominent past, a strategist known for global military achievements and important diplomatic decisions, who was also one of the organisers and the implementer of the Christianization process in the Lithuanian state.

You now hold a collection of reports written by the Lithuanian historical community members, scientists and museologists that were read at the Trakai Island Castle.The book publisher – Trakai History Museum – thanks all those who, over the past decade, analysed the features, uniqueness and distinctiveness of the era of Vytautas the Great. They have revealed many secrets: from the inhabitants of the castle houshold to written monuments, to the ruler‘s immediate environment and international recognition.

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